12062526_10207910987477382_1869632088_oGeneral: The Nimfaio – Kleisoura – Kastoria – Vigla route is a cycling race for road bikes of 135 km. It consists a Club race with Men category and an open category race and aims at experienced cyclists, due to the very demanding route.

Itinerary: New Park Area (prestart) – Skopia – Tropeouhos – Ydrousa- Ano Ydrousa (Race start) – Nymfaio (Supply Station) – Aetos – Lechovo – Kleisoura’s Passage (Supply Station) – Dispilio – Kastoria (Supply Station) – Korestia (Supply Station) – Antartiko – Pisoderi – Vigla Ski Center (Finish)

Description: After Florina, we pass Skopia and Tropeouchos villages to get to Ydrousa. This route of 9 km is ideal for warming up. Passing through Ydrousa, we begin to ascend smoothly for 3 km to Ano Ydrousa. After the village, we continue for about 1 km and at the first ascent [13th km], the official start of the race is given.

In the first 2 km the slope is steep, followed by a 1.5 km slight downhill, until the normal ascent of the mountain. At the 17th km,through the small bridge, we pass the first of the 4 hairpins. There is still 7 km up to the top, with the first 5 km at 6% average slope. The last 2 km is relatively easy.

We pass over Nimfaio, descend to the spring at the entrance of the village and reach the 1st supply station [28th Km].

We descend quickly and carefully 10 km of the south side of the mountain, to Aetos village. Turning right, we continue to Sklithro village, having a slight uphill.

After the bridge [46th km], starts the ascent that will get us through Lechovo and bring us over Kleisoura. Gradient shall not exceed 5%. At Kleisoura passage is  the 2nd supply station [60th km].

Next, is a 23 km downhill with the first 7 km  steep enough. The descent brings us aside Kastoria Lake, passing through Dispilio. After this village, we cycling adjacent  to the lake, for another 3 km. We enter Kastoria city and continue up until the first traffic lights. There, we turn sharp left and follow the uphill road, which lead us at the exit of the town. Soon after the traffic lights, we meet the 3rd supply station [86th Km].

After the supply station, we continue downhill to traffic lights, turn sharp right and follow the sign towards the villages of Lefki and Koromilia. At the intersection outside Koromilia, we turn right on the road to Florina.

From here, there are 40 km remaining to the finish line, with the road going up slightly for the first 28 of them., Passing by Korestia, is the 4th and last supply station [108th Km].

Shortly before Antartiko, starts the last ascent of 12 km. Between the 3rd until the 6th km, the slope is difficult [average gradient of 8%], but then it diminishes to reasonable digits. After Pisoderi, we have just 2 Km to the finish line, on the Pisoderi Ski Center.

Have a nice ride

FBC 135

Route details: 135 km, 2430 m., positive elevation

Average journey time: 5 h 45 m [23.5 km average speed]

Supply Stations: Nymfaio (28th km) Kleisoura (60th km) Kastoria (86th km) Korestia (108th km)

Time Limits Exclusion:

Nymfaio (28th km): After 2:30h of prestart

Kastoria (86th km): After 5h from the prestart

Korestia (108th km):  After 6h from the prestart

Vigla Ski Center (135th km): After 7h from the prestart

You can view the route here

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