Race Regulations

  1. General: The event Florina Bike Challenge (abbreviated FBC) consists of four asphalt routes, conducted in the prefectures of Florina and Kastoria, the second Sunday of September. The routes cover distances of 112 & 60 km. This year, the event takes place on September 10, 2017.

  2. Philosophy: FBC is a cycling challenge, with the appropriate support. The 112 km route is of high difficulty and addressed to athletes and experienced cyclists. It constists both a Club race and an Open race. The  60 km route is of medium difficulty and aimed at less experienced cyclists, whereas it constists an Open race.

  3. Participation right:

    • 112km route: Accepted are men aged 16 years and older.     

    • Routes 60 km: Accepted are men and women 18 years and older    

  4. Cancellation of Participation: Every athlete who has completed the registration process, is entitled to cancel participation and have a full payment refund, if cancellation is made by the Organization until September 7 , 2017. After September 7, there no cancellation is possible.
  5. Distribution of Participation Package: The Secretariat will be open on Sunday, September 10, 2017 , in New Park Area, from 8:00 to 10:00 . No packages will be given to a third party, only to the athlete concerned with the demonstration of his/her identity card or passport.
  6. Security: The Organization disclaims any responsibility for any damage to health or physical integrity ( injury or death) of the athletes participating in the race. Every athlete should know if the state of health allows him/her to compete with safety the routes of FBC. By signing the Participation Declaration, the athlete accepts personal responsibility for his/her participation in a sporting road cycling event, and take the necessary precautions.

    During the race , there will be members of EDOPA into the routes, to offer First Aid Assistance. Also, if necessary, it will be possible to transfer athletes with EDOPA car at the starting area, where there will be a doctor present or to Florina’s hospital, in case of serious injury.

    Each athlete has a moral obligation to help teammates who are in need or danger.

  7.  Group Insurance: From 2017, there will be a group insurance for all participants.
  8. External Support / Escort:     
    • Technical support with escort cars is allowed on  112 km route.    
    • In order for escort cars to be valid, they must carry an official sticker from the Secretariat, on the top left of the rear windscreen.
    • Also on 112 & 60 km routes there will be neutral service and rescue car for all participants.
  9. Environmental protection: The routes of FBC  cross  eastern and southern Vigla. It is our duty to protect these areas.
    To any participant who is viewed to dispose garbage, a reproval will be given. The second reproval will result in exclusion from the event.
  10. Sypply Stations: There will be in total 3 stations (S.S.), where participants can receive water and food
    • The 112 km route includes Kelli S.S. (33rd km), Caucasus S.S. (74th km) and Akritas S.S. (102nd km).
    • The 60 km route includes Caucasus S.S. (23rd km) and Akritas S.S. (50th km).
    • In any S.S.  the Station Master,  is responsible not only for food and water supplements but also for applying time limitations and penalties to the athletes.
  11. Valid Time Limit Termination: Each athlete is considered to timely completed the race, if he/she has gone through all the route checkpoints and finished within a specified time limit. Every finish outside that specified time limit is considered to be overdue.

    Athletes who abandon on their own the race or are excluded from it for late arrival in one of the Points of Time Exclusion (P.T.E.), are classified  as DNF.

  12. Points of Time Exclusion: Time exclusion limits are set for reasons of safety of the athletes. The official time of an athlete and therefore the possible time for exclusion is defined as the arrival time at the P.T.E.

    Athletes who are excluded because of time limits  are required to submit the bib number to the Station Master (the number will be returned to them after the end of the race by the Secretariat).

    Athletes who want to continue their efforts despite being excluded because of time limits, they are free to do so, but with their own exclusive responsibility.

    Note that these athletes they can no longer have any support from the organization side , nor the right to make demands on the organization.

  13. Abandonment: Athlete abandoning the race, without a mechanical failure, he/she can be move to the next S.S, which will wait for the rescue vehicle to pick him up.

    In case of mechanical failure, the athlete can notify the organization from the emergency telephone number listed on their bib number and wait for the SAG car. In both cases, the athlete has to deliver the bib number to the SAG car personnel or to the Secretariat.

  14. Protests: Protests for whatever reason are made only by the athlete himself, at the latest 30 minutes after finishing. The final decision on any objection, is the responsibility of the Technical Manager, the Referee and the Station Master in the zone of responsibility of which the event occurred. This decision is the latest by the time of the awards is final.

  15. Penalties: For all offenses,  the penalty of exclusion from the race is imposed. The penalties are imposed by the Technical Director or other authorized persons.

    Exclusion is imposed:

    • Refusal to comply to directions by authorized personnel of the event.

    • Deliberate pollution of the route.

    • Shortcut of route.

    • Inappropriate (violent) behavior to the staff of the organization or to teammates.
    • Use of means of transport for route shortcut.
    • Accompaniment in the route by a person withoutappropriate number match
    • Loss of bib number.

      For misconduct inappropriate / violent behavior as fraudulent tactics (use of means of transport ) , the exclusion can be permanent from FBC .

  16. Privacy: The Organization, while respecting the relevant legislation is not going to make known to third parties the personal information of athletes who apply for participation. Publishable are only the name of the athlete, the home town and age.

  17. Disclaimer: The Organization is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of the competitors, who by submitting the application form, declare that they know the risks that exist and show that their health condition is good and allows them to compete. It is the responsibility of the competitors to have recently been examined by a doctor for that matter. Competitors agree to the free use of their name and image of the Organization, the media and the sponsors of the event for promotional purposes . The Organization disclaims of any liability on the physical integrity of athletes. It is the responsibility of the competitors to behave responsibly in dangerous places of the routes. Finally, the Organization declines any financial responsibility in the event of external assistance to any athlete.

  18. Amendment of Regulations: The Organization reserves the right to modify these rules without prior notice.


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