Nimfaio ascent – 1414 m.

Ανάβαση Νυμφαίου1

Initial Elevation: 834 m.

Final Elevation: 1414 m.

Length of Ascent: 12 km.

Elevation difference: 580 m.

Average slope: 4.8%

Maximum slope: 13%


The climb starts immediately after the village of Ano Ydrousa, where the race officially begins.

After the first 3 kilometers of uphill, the slope in some places becomes negative and the climb starts again at the 5th km.

Until the 9th km, you will find three hairpins and soon after you will pass on the other side of the mountain.There, the slope is reduced dramatically, and your climb ends about 500 meters from the traditional village of Nymfaio.



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