What is Florina Bike Challenge?

It is a unique cycling event which includes 1 Club race, 2 Open category races, and 2 touring routes that appeal to all ages.


  • The “Nimfaio – Kleisoura – Kastoria -Vigla” route is of 135 km with 2300 meters positive elevation. It is of high difficulty, and for 2016 constitutes both a Club and an Open races.
  • The  “Akritas” route is of 65 km and 1080 m positive elevation. It is of medium difficulty, featuring a Open category race.
  • The “Fun Ride” route is 21 km, is designed for cyclists who just want to browse through Florina’s countryside. 
  • The “Family Ride” route  consists of 4 km, specifically for parents and children.

When Florina Bike Challenge takes place?

The event will take place at September 11th 2016

Why challenge?

In FBC, there are not easy routes. In addition , the 135 km race, is at the moment, the toughest road race in Greece!

Where is the start of the FBC?

The starting point for all routes, and is at Florina’s New Park Area.

Where is the finish of FBC?

Routes 135 Km and 65 km have a common finish, at Vigla Ski Center, 20 km from the town of Florina.

Routes 21 Km and 4 km have a common start and finish at New Park Area.

Is there a Club race for 65 Km route?

No, for 2016

Should we carry supplies on our bike or we will find in Supply Stations?

Even though every S.S.  [except the last station of the 65 Km route, which will provide only water] provide sypplies for athletes, we recommend that athletes should carry also their own supplies.

Will the organization provide support during the races?

Of course, in both routes there will be SAG cars.

Where can I park my car?

At 200 m from the New Park Area, there is the building of the Prefecture, which is a free parking area.

New Park Florina-Parking Area

Do I need to make an online application or can I register on the day of the event?

The application form is necessary for us, in order to know the exact number of entries. On the day of the event, you should also fill the entry form and deliver it to the Secretariat to receive your numbers.

Anyone who has not made an online application form, will not be eligible to race.

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