Events Calendar

9:00 Event Opening(New Park Area)

9:30   Secretarial is open and participants can receive their gift bags, meal voucher, racing numbers and electronic chip

10:00 Technical Council (Receipt of vehicle numbers for escorts, race update from clerk of the course and briefing of volunteers)

10:30 Secretarial is closed

11:00 Start of racing routes 

11:15 Start of “Fun Ride” & “Family Ride” routes

12:15 End of“Fun Ride” & “Family Ride”routes

12:30 Mini Bus to Vigla (Vigla Arrival at 13:00)

13:30 Meal area is open (using coupon) to the starting area (New Park)

14:15 Mini Bus from Vigla to Florina (Florina Arrival at 14:45)

15:00 “Akritas” route is closed

15:00 Mini Bus to Vigla (Arrival Vigla at 15:30)

16:00 Mini Bus from Vigla to Florina (Florina Arrival at 16:30)

16:30 Gift lottery

17:00 Awards 

17:45 Meal area is closed

18:00 “Nimfaio-Kleisoura-Kastoria-Vigla” route is closed

18:15 End of Event (New Park Florina)

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