General: The Akritas route is a open category cycling race of 65 km. Aimed at young cyclists (between the age of 16-18) and older ones, proves to be a demanding race.

Itinerary: New Park Area (Prestart) – Armenochori – Mesonisi – Ammochori – Saint Bartholomew  (Race Start) – Sitaria – Itea – Kato Kalliniki – Ano Kalliniki – Poliplatanos – Kato Kleines – Ano Kleines (Supply Station) – Akritas – Intersection (Supply Station) – Vigla Ski Center (Finish)

Description: After the prestart, we turn left and pass through Armenochori (5th km). We continue and cross the metal bridge and the next village is Mesonisi and then Ammochori. The speeds are low, since we are still in prestart mode. After Ammochori, we pass the overpass and continue to the next intersection.

Arriving there (12th km), we turn left and begin to climb the small hill to the village of Saint Bartholomew. The steep descent brings us into the village and requires attention.

Immediately at the exit of the village, the race start is given (15th km). A few km slight downhill brings us to the next village, Sitaria. We follow the signs to get out from the village and to enter the National Road Florina – Edessa.

Here starts a straight line of about 10 km, ideal for drafting, in which will come across only Itea village.

At the next intersection (30th km), we turn left and pass through Kato and Ano Kalliniki villages.  Next intersection and we turn right and we are on the road to borders .  Two (2) km on this road and we turn left into a newer road that will bring us to the village of Poliplatanos. A little caution here, until we get out from the village.

We continue to the village of Kato Kleines, where we turn left, pass through the village and after a short left-and-right we are at Ano Kleines village, the penultimate village the route.

Crossing the bridge, we arrive at Ano Kleines S.S. [43th km], beside the wooden tavern.

Here is the start of a difficult ascent of 18 km. The first 5 km are easy, with the slope increasing as we pass the chapel of St. George. We still have 3 km to the next village.

Passing through Akritas village, the road descends for about 1 km, and this is the beginning of the 8 hairpins. The average slope of this section (5 Km) is  7%.

At the end of the hairpins, we arrive at the Junction S.S., [58th Km] which probvide us with fresh water. We still have 4 Km with an average gradient of 6.5%,  until we see the checkered flag, at Vigla Ski Center.

Have a good ride
FBC 65

Route details: 65 km, 1080 m.

Supply Stations: Ano Kleines (43th km), Junction (58th km)

Average journey time: 3 h 20 m [19.7 km average speed]

Time Limits Exclusion:

Ano Kleines (43th km): Αfter 2h from the prestart

Vigla Ski Center (65th km): After 4h from the prestart

You can view the route here

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