Akritas Challenge

General: The Akritas Challenge is an open category road race. It is a demanding race, because it has almost all the elevation in the last part of the route.


New Florina Park (Pre-Start) – Cycle of the city – Messonisi (Race Start) -Itea-Caucasus (Supply Station) – Ano Kalliniki -Florina – Ano Kleines – Akritas (Refueling)-Vigla Ski Resort (Finish)

Description: After  pre start, we make a small circle in the city at low speed. We leave the city from the circle and continue behind the first car of the organization.

Shortly before Messonisi race starts (8th km). The race begins and we continue on the same road where. Arriving at the junction of Melitis (14th km), we turn left and continue for the next village, Itea.

At the junction of Kato Kalliniki, we continue straight on the small hill (23rd km),  outside the village of Caucasus, where is the 1st Supply Station.

We climb the hill and turn left, heading to Florina. A few kilometers later, we pass through Ano Kalliniki and we continue.

Entering Florina, we first pass outside the stadium. One kilometer later, we turn right. There is a small uphill section. We go up, turn right and continue on towards the next village,  Ano Kleines.

We travel 6 Km slightly downhill and turn left, towards Ano Kleines. Passing the bridge, next to the wooden tavern, begins the difficult 18 km.

The first 5 kilometers are easy, with the slope climbing when we pass the chapel of St. George. From there, we still have 3 km to the village of Akritas (50 km). There is the 2nd Supply Station.

Passing the village, the road descends for about 1 km, then the 8 hairpin starts, with the average slope for the next 5 km to 7%.

When we reach on the junction, we still have 4 km with an average slope of 6.5%, until  Vigla Ski Center to finish the race.

Have a nice ride

Route Details: 60 Km, 1100 m.

Supply Stations: Caucasus (23rd Km), Akritas (50th Km)

Average Duration: 3h [20 Km/h]

Time Limits Exclusion:

Caucasus (23rd Km): After 2 hours from race start

Vigla Ski Center (60th Km): After3 hours from race start

You can see the route  here

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